Publishers Tweak Their Approach to Facebook Live

Facebook wants users of its Facebook Live streaming service, including media publishers, to “go live frequently,” so as to maintain a steady stream of offerings and grow a base of consistent viewers, as encouraged in an online “tips” page. But just how often to really use Facebook Live is a question with which publishers are grappling.

“For The Beast, it’s about whether or not there’s an interesting/unique moment for us to use it,” Daily Beast President Mike Dyer said in an email. “At the end of the day, if there’s a story that we can tell in a unique way and it’s well-suited for Facebook Live we’d do it, but we don’t prioritize it for its own sake.”

Mr. Dyer said The Daily Beast is now doing “far fewer” Facebook Live broadcasts than a few months ago, when the platform was starting to catch on with publishers. The company has already pulled the plug on one Facebook Live show, “The Appointment,” which focused on men’s style, though it still produces a show about cocktails called “Drink Cart” and occasionally airs a show called “Cheat Sheet” when a news event calls for it.

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