Report: Parents like the Internet of Things

Photo from BabyCenter report

Photo from BabyCenter report

Parenting website BabyCenter today released a new report that found the Internet of Things (IoT) has at least one consumer fan club: parents.

The study, “The Internet of Things Empowers Parents,” says that 70 percent of parents in the U.S. now own an IoT device, 37 percent who own one want to buy another, and more than a third believe these gadgets make them better parents. And the report points to a potential major marketing opportunity for companies pitching parents.

Although there are many definitions of the IoT, generally speaking it describes built-in sensors and online connectivity in devices and objects that don’t generally have them.

This report takes an expansive view of products falling into that category, and includes “Amazon Dash buttons, baby health tracking devices, connected cars, health/fitness tracking devices, Internet-connected TV devices, smart baby/children’s toys, smart home/home security devices, smart kitchen appliances, smart nursery/baby gear, smart speakers with virtual assistants enabled, smart TVs, and smart watches.”

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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