IBM’s Watson helps turbocharge Rocket Fuel with more brainpower

IBM’s logo for Watson

The predictive marketing platform Rocket Fuel began in 2008 as a demand-side ad-buying platform, with artificial intelligence (AI) helping to steer ad placements from the start.

It now also employs its AI to help inform marketing decisions made through other channels, such as selecting the most effective content for website visitors or choosing the best email message for a certain segment of email recipients.

But the Redwood City, California-based company decided it needed a boost to its onboard intelligence, and it recently announced the alpha phase of a new integration with IBM’s Watson Discovery service.

Called Brand Moments, this integration utilizes Watson to help decision-making for ad buying and placement, including display, video and native ads on sites, apps, Facebook, Twitter and other inventory.

Watson identifies keywords and sentiment in surrounding content where ads might be placed, and an advertiser manually determines whether that page should be blacklisted or ignored, or if no effort should be applied.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]


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